dsmadmc commandes

     ACCEPT DATE (Accepts the Current System Date)
     ACTIVATE POLICYSET (Activate a New Policy Set)
     ASSIGN DEFMGMTCLASS (Assign a Default Management Class)
     AUDIT LIBRARY (Audit Volume Inventories in an Automated Library)
     AUDIT LICENSES (Audit Server Storage Usage)
     AUDIT VOLUME (Verify Database Information for a Storage Pool Volume)
     BACKUP DB (Back Up the Database)
     BACKUP DEVCONFIG (Create Backup Copies of Device Configuration
     BACKUP NODE (Back Up a NAS Node)
     BACKUP STGPOOL (Back Up Primary Storage Pool to Copy Storage Pool)
     BACKUP VOLHISTORY (Save Sequential Volume History Information)
     BEGIN EVENTLOGGING (Begin Logging Events)
     CANCEL EXPIRATION (Cancel an Expiration Process)
     CANCEL PROCESS (Cancel an Administrative Process)
     CANCEL REQUEST (Cancel One or More Mount Requests)
     CANCEL RESTORE (Cancel a Restartable Restore Session)
     CANCEL SESSION (Cancel One or More Client Sessions)
     CHECKIN LIBVOLUME (Check a Storage Volume into a Library)
     CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME (Check a Storage Volume out of a Library)
     CLEAN DRIVE (Clean a Drive)
     COMMIT  /* Commits changes */
     CONVERT ARCHIVE (Allow Clients to Query Archive Files by Description)
     COPY CLOPTSET (Copy a Client Option Set)
     COPY DOMAIN (Copy a Policy Domain)
     COPY MGMTCLASS (Copy a Management Class)
     COPY POLICYSET (Copy a Policy Set)
     COPY PROFILE (Copy a Profile)
     COPY SCHEDULE (Copy a Client or an Administrative Command Schedule)
     COPY SCRIPT (Copy a Tivoli Storage Manager Script)
     COPY SERVERGROUP (Copy a Server Group)
     DEFINE ASSOCIATION (Associate Client Nodes with a Schedule)
     DEFINE BACKUPSET (Define a Backup Set)
     DEFINE CLIENTACTION (Define a One-Time Client Action)
     DEFINE CLIENTOPT (Define an Option to an Option Set)
     DEFINE CLOPTSET (Define a Client Option Set Name)
     DEFINE COLLOCGROUP (Define a Collocation Group)
     DEFINE COLLOCMEMBER (Define Collocation Group Member)
     DEFINE COPYGROUP (Define a Copy Group)
     DEFINE DATAMOVER (Define a Data Mover)
     DEFINE DBBACKUPTRIGGER (Define the Database Backup Trigger)
     DEFINE DBCOPY (Define a Volume Copy of a Database Volume)
     DEFINE DBVOLUME (Define a Database Volume)
     DEFINE DEVCLASS (Define a Device Class)
     DEFINE DOMAIN (Define a New Policy Domain)
     DEFINE DRIVE (Define a Drive to a Library)
     DEFINE EVENTSERVER (Define a Server as the Event Server)
     DEFINE GRPMEMBER (Add a Server to a Server Group)
     DEFINE LIBRARY (Define a Library)
     DEFINE LOGCOPY (Define a Volume Copy of a Recovery Log Volume)
     DEFINE LOGVOLUME (Define a Recovery Log Volume)
     DEFINE MACHINE (Define Machine Information)
     DEFINE MACHNODEASSOCIATION (Associate a Node With a Machine)
     DEFINE MGMTCLASS (Define a Management Class)
     DEFINE PATH (Define a Path)
     DEFINE POLICYSET (Define a Policy Set)
     DEFINE PROFASSOCIATION (Define a Profile Association)
     DEFINE PROFILE (Define a Profile)
     DEFINE RECMEDMACHASSOCIATION (Associate Recovery Media with a Machine)
     DEFINE RECOVERYMEDIA (Define Recovery Media)
     DEFINE SCHEDULE (Define a Client or an Administrative Command Schedule)
     DEFINE SCRIPT (Define a Tivoli Storage Manager Script)
     DEFINE SERVER (Define a Server for Server-to-Server Communications)
     DEFINE SERVERGROUP (Define a Server Group)
     DEFINE SPACETRIGGER (Define the Space Trigger)
     DEFINE STGPOOL (Define a Storage Pool)
     DEFINE SUBSCRIPTION (Define a Profile Subscription)
     DEFINE VIRTUALFSMAPPING (Define a Virtual File Space Mapping)
     DEFINE VOLUME (Define a Volume in a Storage Pool)
     DELETE ASSOCIATION (Delete the Node Association to a Schedule)
     DELETE BACKUPSET (Delete a Backup Set)
     DELETE CLIENTOPT (Delete an Option in an Option Set)
     DELETE CLOPTSET (Delete a Client Option Set)
     DELETE COLLOCGROUP (Delete a Collocation Group)
     DELETE COLLOCMEMBER (Delete Collocation Group Member)
     DELETE COPYGROUP (Delete a Copy Group)
     DELETE DATAMOVER (Delete a Data Mover)
     DELETE DBBACKUPTRIGGER (Delete the Database Backup Trigger)
     DELETE DBVOLUME (Delete a Database Volume)
     DELETE DEVCLASS (Delete a Device Class)
     DELETE DOMAIN (Delete a Policy Domain)
     DELETE DRIVE (Delete a Drive from a Library)
     DELETE EVENT (Delete Event Records)
     DELETE EVENTSERVER (Deletes the Definition of the Event Server)
     DELETE FILESPACE (Delete Client Node Data from the Server)
     DELETE GRPMEMBER (Delete a Server from a Server Group)
     DELETE LIBRARY (Delete a Library)
     DELETE LOGVOLUME (Delete a Recovery Log Volume)
     DELETE MACHINE (Delete Machine Information)
     DELETE MACHNODEASSOCIATION (Delete Association Between a Machine and a
     DELETE MGMTCLASS (Delete a Management Class)
     DELETE PATH (Delete a Path)
     DELETE POLICYSET (Delete a Policy Set)
     DELETE PROFASSOCIATION (Delete a Profile Association)
     DELETE PROFILE (Delete a Profile)
     DELETE RECMEDMACHASSOCIATION (Delete Recovery Media and Machine
     DELETE RECOVERYMEDIA (Delete Recovery Media)
     DELETE SCHEDULE (Delete a Client or an Administrative Command Schedule)
     DELETE SCRIPT (Delete Command Lines from a Script or Delete the Entire
     DELETE SERVER (Delete a Server Definition)
     DELETE SERVERGROUP (Delete a Server Group)
     DELETE SPACETRIGGER (Delete the Database or Recovery Log Space
     DELETE STGPOOL (Delete a Storage Pool)
     DELETE SUBSCRIBER (Delete Subscriptions from a Configuration Manager
     DELETE SUBSCRIPTION (Delete a Profile Subscription)
     DELETE VIRTUALFSMAPPING (Delete a Virtual File Space Mapping)
     DELETE VOLHISTORY (Delete Sequential Volume History Information)
     DELETE VOLUME (Delete a Storage Pool Volume)
     DISABLE EVENTS (Disable Events for Event Logging)
     DISABLE SESSIONS (Temporarily Prevent Client Node Access to the Server)
     DISMOUNT VOLUME (Dismount a Volume by Volume Name)
     ENABLE EVENTS (Enable Server or Client Events for Logging)
     ENABLE SESSIONS (Resume User Activity on the Server)
     END EVENTLOGGING (Stop Logging Events)
     EXPIRE INVENTORY (Manually Start Inventory Expiration Processing)
     EXPORT ADMIN (Export Administrator Information)
     EXPORT NODE (Export Client Node Information)
     EXPORT POLICY (Export Policy Information)
     EXPORT SERVER (Export Server Information)
     EXTEND DB (Increase the Assigned Capacity of the Database)
     EXTEND LOG (Increase the Assigned Capacity of the Recovery Log)
     GENERATE BACKUPSET (Generate a Backup Set of a Client's Data)
     GRANT AUTHORITY (Add Administrator Authority)
     GRANT PROXYNODE (Grant Proxy Authority to a Client Node)
     IMPORT ADMIN (Import Administrator Information)
     IMPORT NODE (Import Client Node Information)
     IMPORT POLICY (Import Policy Information)
     IMPORT SERVER (Import Server Information)
     INSERT MACHINE (Insert Machine Characteristics Information or Recovery
     LABEL LIBVOLUME (Label a Library Volume)
     LOCK ADMIN (Lock Out an Administrator)
     LOCK NODE (Lock Out a Client Node)
     LOCK PROFILE (Lock a Profile)
     MOVE DATA (Move Files on a Storage Pool Volume)
     MOVE DRMEDIA (Move Disaster Recovery Media Offsite and Back Onsite)
     MOVE GRPMEMBER (Move a Server Group Member)
     MOVE MEDIA (Move Sequential Access Storage Pool Media)
     MOVE NODEDATA (Move Data by Node in a Sequential Access Storage Pool)
     NOTIFY SUBSCRIBERS (Notify Managed Servers to Update Profiles)
     PING SERVER (Test the Connection Between Servers)
     QUERY ACTLOG (Query the Activity Log)
     QUERY ADMIN (Display Administrator Information)
     QUERY ASSOCIATION (Query Client Node Associations with a Schedule)
     QUERY AUDITOCCUPANCY (Query Client Node Storage Utilization)
     QUERY BACKUPSET (Query a Backup Set)
     QUERY BACKUPSETCONTENTS (Query Contents of a Backup Set)
     QUERY CLOPTSET (Query a Client Option Set)
     QUERY COLLOCGROUP (Query a Collocation Group)
     QUERY CONTENT (Query the Contents of a Storage Pool Volume)
     QUERY COPYGROUP (Query Copy Groups)
     QUERY DATAMOVER (Display Data Mover Definitions)
     QUERY DB (Display Information on the Database)
     QUERY DBBACKUPTRIGGER (Query the Database Backup Trigger)
     QUERY DBVOLUME (Display Information on One or More Database Volumes)
     QUERY DEVCLASS (Display Information on One or More Device Classes)
     QUERY DOMAIN (Query a Policy Domain)
     QUERY DRIVE (Query Information about a Drive)
     QUERY DRMEDIA (Query Disaster Recovery Media)
     QUERY DRMSTATUS (Query Disaster Recovery Manager System Parameters)
     QUERY ENABLED (Query Enabled Events)
     QUERY EVENT (Query Scheduled and Completed Events)
     QUERY EVENTRULES (Query Rules for Server or Client Events)
     QUERY EVENTSERVER (Query the Event Server)
     QUERY FILESPACE (Query One or More File Spaces)
     QUERY LIBRARY (Query a Library)
     QUERY LIBVOLUME (Query a Library Volume)
     QUERY LICENSE (Display License Information)
     QUERY LOG (Display Information on the Recovery Log)
     QUERY LOGVOLUME (Display Information on One or More Log Volumes)
     QUERY MACHINE (Query Machine Information)
     QUERY MEDIA (Query Sequential Access Storage Pool Media)
     QUERY MGMTCLASS (Query a Management Class)
     QUERY MOUNT (Display Information on Mounted Sequential Access Volumes)
     QUERY NASBACKUP (Query NAS Backup Images)
     QUERY NODE (Query Nodes)
     QUERY OCCUPANCY (Query Client File Spaces in Storage Pools)
     QUERY OPTION (Query Server Options)
     QUERY PATH (Display a Path Definition)
     QUERY POLICYSET (Query a Policy Set)
     QUERY PROCESS (Query One or More Server Processes)
     QUERY PROFILE (Query a Profile)
     QUERY RECOVERYMEDIA (Query Recovery Media)
     QUERY REQUEST (Query One or More Pending Mount Requests)
     QUERY RESTORE (Query Restartable Restore Sessions)
     QUERY RPFCONTENT (Query Recovery Plan File Contents Stored on a Target
     QUERY RPFILE (Query Recovery Plan File Information Stored on a Target
     QUERY SCHEDULE (Query Schedules)
     QUERY SCRIPT (Query Tivoli Storage Manager Scripts)
     QUERY SERVER (Query a Server)
     QUERY SERVERGROUP (Query a Server Group)
     QUERY SESSION (Query Client Sessions)
     QUERY SQLSESSION (Display SQL Session Value)
     QUERY SPACETRIGGER (Query the Space Triggers)
     QUERY STATUS (Query System Parameters)
     QUERY STGPOOL (Query Storage Pools)
     QUERY SUBSCRIBER (Display Subscriber Information)
     QUERY SUBSCRIPTION (Display Subscription Information)
     QUERY SYSTEM (Query the System Configuration and Capacity)
     QUERY TOC (Display Table of Contents for a Backup Image)
     QUERY VIRTUALFSMAPPING (Query a Virtual File Space Mapping)
     QUERY VOLHISTORY (Display Sequential Volume History Information)
     QUERY VOLUME (Query Storage Pool Volumes)
     RECLAIM STGPOOL (Reclaim Sequential-Access Storage Pool)
     RECONCILE VOLUMES (Reconcile Differences in the Virtual Volume
     REDUCE DB (Decrease the Assigned Capacity of the Database)
     REDUCE LOG (Decrease the Assigned Capacity of the Recovery Log)
     REGISTER ADMIN (Register an Administrator)
     REGISTER LICENSE (Register a New License)
     REGISTER NODE (Register a Node)
     REMOVE ADMIN (Delete an Administrator)
     REMOVE NODE (Delete a Node or an Associated Machine Node)
     RENAME ADMIN (Rename an Administrator)
     RENAME FILESPACE (Rename a Client File Space on the Server)
     RENAME NODE (Rename a Node)
     RENAME SCRIPT (Rename a Tivoli Storage Manager Script)
     RENAME SERVERGROUP (Rename a Server Group)
     RENAME STGPOOL (Change the Name of a Storage Pool)
     RESET BUFPOOL (Reset the Database Buffer Pool Statistics)
     RESET DBMAXUTILIZATION (Reset the Utilization Statistic for the
     RESET LOGCONSUMPTION (Reset the Cumulative Log Consumption Statistic)
     RESET LOGMAXUTILIZATION (Reset the Utilization Statistic for the Log)
     RESET PASSEXP (Reset Password Expiration)
     RESTORE NODE (Restore a NAS Node)
     RESTORE STGPOOL (Restore Storage Pool Data from a Copy Pool)
     RESTORE VOLUME (Restore Primary Volume Data from a Copy Pool)
     REVOKE AUTHORITY (Remove Administrator Authority)
     ROLLBACK   /* prevents any changes from being committed */
     SET ACCOUNTING (Set Accounting Records On or Off)
     SET ACTLOGRETENTION (Set the Retention Period or the Size of the
     SET ARCHIVERETENTIONPROTECTION (Activate Data Retention Protection)
     SET AUTHENTICATION (Set Password Authentication)
     SET CLIENTACTDURATION (Set the Duration Period for the Client Action)
     SET CONFIGMANAGER (Specify a Configuration Manager)
     SET CONFIGREFRESH (Set Managed Server Configuration Refresh)
     SET CONTEXTMESSAGING (Set Message Context Reporting On or Off)
     SET CROSSDEFINE (Specifies Whether to Cross-Define Servers)
     SET DRMCHECKLABEL (Specify Label Checking)
     SET DRMCMDFILENAME (Specify the Name of a File to Contain Commands)
     SET DRMCOPYSTGPOOL (Specify the Copy Storage Pools to be Managed by
     SET DRMCOURIERNAME (Specify the Courier Name)
     SET DRMDBBACKUPEXPIREDAYS (Criteria for DB Backup Series Expiration)
     SET DRMFILEPROCESS (Specify File Processing)
     SET DRMINSTRPREFIX (Specify the Prefix for Recovery Instructions File
     SET DRMNOTMOUNTABLENAME (Specify the Not Mountable Location Name)
     SET DRMPLANPREFIX (Specify a Prefix for Recovery Plan File Names)
     SET DRMPLANVPOSTFIX (Specify Replacement Volume Names)
     SET DRMPRIMSTGPOOL (Specify the Primary Storage Pools to be Managed by
     SET DRMRPFEXPIREDAYS (Set Criteria for Recovery Plan File Expiration)
     SET DRMVAULTNAME (Specify the Vault Name)
     SET EVENTRETENTION (Set the Retention Period for Event Records)
     SET INVALIDPWLIMIT (Set the Number of Invalid Logon Attempts)
     SET LICENSEAUDITPERIOD (Set License Audit Period)
     SET LOGMODE (Set Mode for Saving Recovery Log Records)
     SET MAXCMDRETRIES (Set the Maximum Number of Command Retries)
     SET MAXSCHEDSESSIONS (Set Maximum Scheduled Sessions)
     SET MINPWLENGTH (Set Minimum Password Length)
     SET PASSEXP (Set Password Expiration Date)
     SET QUERYSCHEDPERIOD (Set Query Period for Polling Client Nodes)
     SET RANDOMIZE (Set Randomization of Scheduled Start Times)
     SET REGISTRATION (Set Open or Closed Registration)
     SET RETRYPERIOD (Set Time between Retry Attempts)
     SET SCHEDMODES (Select a Central Scheduling Mode)
     SET SERVERHLADDRESS (Set the High-Level Address of a Server)
     SET SERVERLLADDRESS (Set the Low-Level Address of a Server)
     SET SERVERNAME (Specify the Server Name)
     SET SERVERPASSWORD (Set Password for Server)
     SET SQLDATETIMEFORMAT (Set the Format for Date, Time, and Time Stamp
     SET SQLDISPLAYMODE (Set the Display of SQL Data Types)
     SET SQLMATHMODE (Set the Mode for SQL Arithmetic)
     SET SUBFILE (Set Subfile Backup for Client Nodes)
     SET SUMMARYRETENTION (Set Days to Keep Data in Activity Summary Table)
     SET TAPEALERTMSG (Set Tape Alert Messages On or Off)
     SET TOCLOADRETENTION (Set Load Retention Period for Table of Contents)
     UNLOCK ADMIN (Unlock an Administrator)
     UNLOCK NODE (Unlock a Client Node)
     UNLOCK PROFILE (Unlock a Profile)
     UPDATE ADMIN (Update an Administrator)
     UPDATE ARCHIVE (Manage Archive Usage and Performance)
     UPDATE BACKUPSET (Update a Retention Value Assigned to a Backup Set)
     UPDATE CLIENTOPT (Update a Client Option Sequence Number)
     UPDATE CLOPTSET (Update a Client Option Set Description)
     UPDATE COLLOCGROUP (Update a Collocation Group)
     UPDATE COPYGROUP (Update a Copy Group)
     UPDATE DATAMOVER (Update a Data Mover)
     UPDATE DBBACKUPTRIGGER (Update the Database Backup Trigger)
     UPDATE DEVCLASS (Update the Attributes of a Device Class)
     UPDATE DOMAIN (Update a Policy Domain)
     UPDATE DRIVE (Update a Drive)
     UPDATE LIBRARY (Update a Library)
     UPDATE LIBVOLUME (Change the Status of a Storage Volume)
     UPDATE MACHINE (Update Machine Information)
     UPDATE MGMTCLASS (Update a Management Class)
     UPDATE NODE (Update Node Attributes)
     UPDATE PATH (Change a Path)
     UPDATE POLICYSET (Update a Policy Set Description)
     UPDATE PROFILE (Update a Profile Description)
     UPDATE RECOVERYMEDIA (Update Recovery Media)
     UPDATE SCHEDULE (Update a Schedule)
     UPDATE SCRIPT (Update a Tivoli Storage Manager Script)
     UPDATE SERVER (Update a Server Defined for Server-to-Server
     UPDATE SERVERGROUP (Update a Server Group Description)
     UPDATE SPACETRIGGER (Update the Space Triggers)
     UPDATE STGPOOL (Update a Storage Pool)
     UPDATE VIRTUALFSMAPPING (Update a Virtual File Space Mapping)
     UPDATE VOLHISTORY (Update Sequential Volume History Information)
     UPDATE VOLUME (Change a Storage Pool Volume)
     VALIDATE LANFREE (Validate LAN-Free Paths)
     VALIDATE POLICYSET (Verify a Policy Set)

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